Program Launch

Keynote and Workshop

Ben Utecht will walk your employees through four elite principles that are foundational in both life and business during a one hour Believe in Culture keynote program. The keynote will be followed by a one hour workshop with your employees that is led by Ben Utecht.

2 Hours


E3 Rollout

Assessments and Reports

Your executive leadership team will go through a series of assessments and reports will be generated based on the results of the assessments to scientifically benchmark their behaviors and values and align them with your company’s values. The E3 Hiring Assessment and E3 Coaching Report will be used. Results of these assessments will be discussed with each executive.

2 Weeks


Executive Development

Individual Coaching

Members of your executive leadership team will receive one-on-one coaching from Ben Utecht. Each executive will participate in a one hour coaching session with Ben Utecht once per month for 3 months.

3 Months


Executive Offsite


Ben Utecht will coach your executive leadership team through unique performance principles to help them achieve individual and team success during a half day offsite workshop.

4 Hours


Culture Creed Creation

Document and Card

Ben Utecht will lead your executive leadership team through 3 meetings to discuss your company’s current belief system and identify new transformational strategies. A branded “Culture Creed” document will be delivered to your company that includes a detailed overview of your company’s non-negotiable values and beliefs as well as a branded “Culture Creed” card that includes a brief overview of your company’s non-negotiable values and beliefs.

1 Month


Culture Creed Launch


Ben Utecht will train your employees on how to understand your company’s Culture Creed and use it in the workplace during a one hour presentation.

1 Hour

*Timeline can be customized to your availability

Program Length = 6 Months

Want Ben Utecht to bring the Culture Operating Strategy Program into your organization?

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Ben Utecht's Culture Operating Strategy Program Brochure

Believe in Culture Video Series

Go on an exciting journey with Ben Utecht where he dives into five powerful principles directly connected to the Super Bowl championship culture that was created in Indianapolis.

Championship Culture

Championship Culture

Culture is the result of a practiced and shared belief system that inspires the behaviors of people and businesses to pursue a mission and vision with unity and purpose.



What does it mean to be a champion listener?



What does it mean to be a champion learner?



What does it mean to be a champion language user?



What is the most powerful of the four L’s?



Integrity is what you’re doing when no one is watching.

Believe in Culture
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